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The 8-bit merch table is open - July 18, 2019

Remember those old text-based rpgs? Need a sweet new tee? Welp, we got Amazon pushin' original, hand-drawn, pixel art designs!

For now, you can only get them through Amazon.. Hopefully, in the near future (lol), other middlemen and/or crypto services will be utilized which will help bring down the price!

Also, we are losing the domain soon -- can't afford to pay for massive price increase. We are, however, looking into alternative methods of funding the site. Please hold tight while we figure that one that..

- happyvapor.admin

Beer, Beer, Beer!

Mmmmmm.. - Jun 13, 2019

Who needs a drink? We need donations. :)

This mystical brew has been aged to perfection..

The caps have been sealed, packaging & shipping protocol has been determined [we'll be following these steps: thebeerexchange.io] and a few beers have been drank. However, no platform/escrow/Donation serivce(?) has been selected -- we all know, when it comes to crypto, they make everyone a little more comfortable. So for now, we'll just try this on a person-to-person basis. Small deliveries -- no bigger than a sixer maybe?
And, please, if you have any suggestions on a good way to do this, feel free...

The_brew_collector will be setting up a FedEx and/or UPS account (And hopefully an internet connection! Also, take note: NO USPS.. for legal purposes) for more secure and easily followable shipments. And obviously, with this, delivery status will be verifiable for refunds or replacements.

So, hold tight for the moment & shoot over a message letting us know how much you want this tasty brew!

Bitbeer's Backyard Edition '19

A series of only SIX[6] collector's beers!

You may have also noticed that there is a Discord widget over on the side (or bottom?) -- Not exactly sure how it works, but, WE'RE ON, FOLKS!

HOP (get it?) on over and join the server: https://discord.gg/KXP8gAG

- happyvapor.admin

Securing Transactions..

Let's put this system to work! - May 29, 2019

Fancy-pants art is on it's way! Frosty brews primed and bottled!

Through extensive research, our top advisors now suggest that, though beer trading is not allowed through federal postal entities, it is COMPLETELY LEGAL (but slightly frowned upon) by other various, private carriers. SO! That means we can ship beer! Obviously we won't be supplying any keggers, but YOU CAN GET SOME BEER. THROUGH CRYPTO. FROM US.
And for now, it looks like we'll be limited to the USA until we hear back from the Overlords.. But let me know if you're interested and located elsewhere!

We've got some kinks to work out -- shipping details, security, etc..
But soon we'll have some sweet suds for our buds!

On top of all that, the word in the grape vine tells of some fine artistic masterpieces being finished and prepped for market. (Photos will be coming shortly.)

- happyvapor.admin

A Quick Update

Say it ain't so! - Apr 26, 2019

So it looks like the print shop is back in action! There's some written word over at the Vapor Times!

Go check out the mini-article: Social Media Is Over - F.AlphaGhostbeam

- happyvapor.admin

We're Happyvapor!

We got a pulse! - Apr 23, 2019

Nobody panic! We're still floatin around. We've had a fairly busy month, and quite a productive one! .. You will most likely never see the fruits of these actions.. maybe you will, I dunno.

We do, however, have plans for some new content!

Recently, there was a contest over at Decentraland and The Builder, that a few of us participated in! (It was pretty fun! -- And we might win some stuff?)

Been makin and drinking some tasty beers!: A deliciously random mix with juniper berry and oranges + a solid All-American white wheat were the top favs.

Here's an ol' pixel piece [that we reuse often, so you've probably seen before] done in PikoPixel on Ubuntu:


Haven't tested it yet as wallpaper, but I KNOW there's a way for the animation to work.. and most devices?

- happyvapor.admin

Hodl Fast, Everyone!

A bit o' content, even if it's old - Mar 4, 2019

So most markets are taking a bit of a dump right now.. SCREW IT! -- Let's make some beer?

The Brewmasters have been busy and you may find some of the old beer reviews floating around somewhere. But expect some new ones soon, along with more BEHIND THE SCENE photos! Head over to The Backyard Brew section to see what's happening.

The Starving Artists have been playing around with some colors and shapes again, so expect some more uniquely trashy modern art very soon!

For now check out this sweet wallpaper!:

- happyvapor.admin